Issue 6, April 2014

A lot of exciting things have been happening with CINcompass including a new CINcompass website, a release packed with customer-requested features and now more online training courses are available.

Feature Spotlight

Streamline asset entry with new buttons and viewing options

You told us you wanted a faster and more efficient way to enter and view client data, and now you have it. Discover three ways to save your firm time.

1. Add, edit and delete assets

Quickly add and edit assets by clicking on:

  • Add Real Property
  • Add Personal Property
  • Add Vehicle
  • Edit an Asset
  • Delete an Asset
2. Select a preference for viewing your client’s assets

Choose from three ways to view assets:

  • View all which are listed in order of entry
  • Group by property type
  • List all assets and their liens to ensure the property and debts are linked correctly
3. Save & New Button

Quickly add another asset by clicking the Save & New button now available in all asset windows for real, personal, or vehicle assets. This functionality is also available while entering Liabilities.

New Feature

Fast Paycheck Entry is now available

The number one requested feature from EZ-Filing is here. Now you can create templates based on commonly used deductions to increase accuracy and save time.

Complete the following steps.
  1. Check the box next to Use fast-entry paycheck template
  2. Click the add button next to paychecks
  3. In the Fast Paycheck Entry Templates window, click the add button.
  4. Template Name: Enter name
  5. Belongs To: Select whether the Template is a single Office Location or the Firm
  6. Check Date: Select if you would like more than one day and choose the number
  7. Fields: Use the Add and Remove buttons to move paycheck categories into the Paycheck entry column
  8. NOTE: By default, there are commonly used deductions already populated under Paycheck Entry.

  9. Use the up and down arrows to reorder the selected fields.
  10. Auto Complete: Choose to have your cursor automatically advance to the next field as soon as you type an amount (decimal point followed by two numbers), or manually advance to the next field using the arrow keys, by selecting Do not auto-complete.
  11. Verification: To choose to automatically verify the net amount of the check when typing it, select Enter net check. Or to visually verify the net amount by comparing it with the net amount calculated by CINcompass, select Sight verify.
  12. Click Save
When you are ready to enter a paycheck using the template.
  1. highlight the name and click Use.
  2. Check Date: Enter the date the check was issued
  3. Enter the amounts
  4. Click Accept to continue*
  5. Click Ok when finished.

Due Diligence Showcase

Financial Management certificates can now be attached to Form B23

Now in CINcompass, there is an entire tab devoted to managing the Post Filing course for your debtor(s). You can easily upload or order a Personal Financial Management course right within the matter, making post-petition filing easy. Plus on Form B23 the certificate number will be auto-populated.

NOTE: Debtor Education integration only applies to courses ordered through CIN Legal.


Add Standard Contacts

Generate a directory of contacts for faster data entry

Adding Standard Contacts allows you to build a directory of creditors, assignees, and co-debtors that you encounter frequently in your practice. Access and use these stored contacts for any of your cases without retyping them.

To enable this setting:
  1. Under the Admin Tool, select Firm Settings.
  2. Click on the Standard Contacts Setup tab.
  3. Check the box next to “Add new Creditors/Assignee(s)/Codebtor to Standard Contacts List.”
  4. Click Close.

Did you know?

You can import credit data into Schedule G

Save time spent on entering Executory Contracts by importing reliable credit report data directly to Schedule G.

To import Schedule G Liabilities:
  1. Click the Import button
  2. Highlight the Creditor and select Leases(G) button
  3. Click Import
  4. NOTE: A Due Diligence order for a Consumer Liability Report must be purchased before importing. Click here to see how.

Quick Tip

Form B22 Support

A new section under the Admin Tool in CINcompass has been added to conveniently reference Form B22 Support while preparing the means test.

Access previous and current date ranges of:
  • IRS Local/Regional Standards
  • IRS National Standards: Food
  • IRS National Standards: Healthy
  • State Median Income
  • Administrative Expense Multiplier

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