CINcompass delivers a seamless bankruptcy electronic filing solution for the modern attorney. Smart, efficient and mobile, this affordable cloud-based software allows you to remotely prepare chapters 7, 9, 11, 12 and 13 cases with more than 900 forms and then file them using jurisdiction compliant e-filing capabilities. CINcompass is the ideal software for attorneys who are looking to decrease time spent on each case while maintaining the highest level of quality and reliability.

Save time on petition preparation, streamline electronic filing and eliminate trips to PACER by using CINcompass as your centralized bankruptcy system. Learn more about how CINcompass works by signing up for a free demo or trying out a free trial today.

Bankruptcy Electronic Filing and More

CINcompass’ e-filing capabilities ensure a quick and efficient bankruptcy electronic filing system that is compatible with the most current ECF systems. But before using CINcompass to e-file a bankruptcy case, use it to prepare your case with ease.

The powerful due diligence integration in CINcompass allows users to import and access credit information instantly. Manage, transfer, and access data on prior bankruptcies, public records, and aliases. Fulfill financial and BAPCPA requirements with a variety of due diligence products including tax transcripts, property and vehicle valuations and court-required client courses. The data auto-populates and certificates are attached to save you time and increase case management.

Built-In Practice Management Tools

CINcompass offers comprehensive practice management tools to maintain an efficient and on-task practice. Use these features to:

  • Delegate tasks to employees
  • Send automatic text, email, and phone call reminders to clients
  • Monitor firm activity
  • Automatically input contact data to CINcompass from the website
  • Gain centralized storage for documents

CINcompass can be shared between all members within a practice, providing comprehensive and consolidated information in one place.

Try CINcompass for Free

Take advantage of a free 14-day trial to see how easy CINcompass makes bankruptcy electronic filing. For more information on how CINcompass works, attend a free online demo.