CINcompass is the first of its kind, comprehensive bankruptcy filing software online. Created with the modern attorney in mind, CINcompass is mobile, easy to access, affordable, and provides bankruptcy preparation and e-filing solutions to streamline the bankruptcy process.

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CINcompass Features & Capabilities

CINcompass is the all-in-one software attorneys turn to for bankruptcy case preparation and electronic filing. CINcompass offers the following key functionalities:

  • Bankruptcy PreparationGain access to more than 900 court-compliant forms for filing chapter 7, 9, 11, 12, and 13 cases, and auto-populate data for quicker preparation. Remotely file the case using court-compliant e-filing, and keep up-to-date on its status with the Court Notice integration.
  • Due Diligence A more powerful due diligence integration auto-populate assets, liabilities, and SOFA with data quickly. Access and import credit and bankruptcy histories, aliases, tax return transcripts, and more.
  • Project ManagementThe entire office can use CINcompass to delegate tasks, track time and fees, and send automatic reminders to clients. The software can be integrated to pull lead information from your website for a better lead intake process with greater retention.

Take your bankruptcy filing software online with CINcompass for a more efficient way to prepare and file bankruptcy cases today.

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