CINcompass is a cloud-based technology for attorneys, combining bankruptcy filing software with practice management tools to make collaborating with clients and coworkers easy while increasing productivity. With CINcompass, the first of its kind bankruptcy filing software, you can simply do more for your practice with less effort and time.

Finally, there’s a bankruptcy filing software created for attorneys that’s easy to use, affordable, and helps manage clients’ cases. Request a demo today!

Accommodating Bankruptcy Filing Software

CINcompass is bankruptcy software that is packed with features to simplify preparing and filing bankruptcy cases with enhanced practice management tools. Get acquainted with the most popular features below:

Prepare your cases with ease with CINcompass’ court-compliant forms, calculators, and tools. Jurisdiction e-filing that complies with the most current ECF system is available and provides an easy, efficient way to remotely file forms.

Efficiently obtain, import and manage credit report data using the due diligence integration. You’ll also have access to a variety of other due diligence products including pre and post-filing courses, tax transcripts and property appraisals.

Remind clientele of upcoming meetings and court dates with automated phone calls, texts, and emails. Keep all matters consolidated in one location and increase leads by integrating CINcompass with your website for an efficient lead intake process. It will automatically input contact data into CINcompass and allow clients to schedule their own meetings.

This comprehensive software is intuitive, online and easy to use, and it’s becoming a popular bankruptcy filing software among attorneys and legal assistants who use it to get organized and expand their clientele bases.

Get a Free Trial

See how easy it is to prepare and file bankruptcy cases with CINcompass by trying out the software for free. Request a demo or take advantage of the 14-day trial to start managing your practice more efficiently today. View our pricing options to learn more about CINcompass’ affordability.