For comprehensive bankruptcy practice software, today’s attorney looks to CINcompass, cloud-based software that delivers an easy to use online bankruptcy preparation and e-filing solution combined with robust practice management tools. CINcompass is the leading platform through which legal professionals not only manage their practices, but can also prepare, e-file, and track bankruptcy cases.

With CINcompass, you can:

  • Use practice management tools to monitor the firm’s activity, delegate tasks, and track time spent on cases and client fees. Set up automatic reminders to text, email, and call clients to remind them of upcoming court dates and meetings. With unlimited users and affordable pricing, CINcompass is the comprehensive bankruptcy practice software attorneys have been waiting for.
  • Prepare bankruptcy cases with more than 900 forms and auto-population capabilities to make filling them out easy and time efficient. Use due-diligence tools to pull and attach information regarding tax transcripts, asset valuations, and credit data.
  • E-file bankruptcy cases for remote filing that is easy, jurisdiction-approved, and compliant with the most recent ECF systems.
  • Monitor cases using the Court Notice integration that provides free looks into cases and streamlines court communications.

CINcompass is easy to use, intuitive, and affordable. Attorneys across the nation are using it to manage more efficient cases and practices, and its affordable pricing options make it ideal for any practice.

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