CINcompass is an affordable bankruptcy preparation software with filing capabilities that makes it easier for legal professionals to manage clients’ bankruptcy claims. This cloud-based software also provides practice management tools that help increase office efficiency by monitoring your firm’s activity and managing clients’ schedules through automated messages and texts.

In short, CINcompass is a growing bankruptcy preparation and filing software that is helping attorneys manage their practice and easily prepare bankruptcy files and cases.  Sign up for a free demo to learn more, or start a 14-day trial for free.

Prepare Your Cases with Ease

CINcompass allows you to prepare Chapter 7, 9, 11, 12, and 13 cases with access to more than 900 forms. The software allows you to file forms and claims electronically with its jurisdiction compliant e-filing feature that is compatible with the most current ECF systems.

CINcompass auto-populates bankruptcy data, making petition preparation faster and easier. The Means Test Calculator automates the calculations for you and with court notice integration you can eliminate trips to PACER by automatically downloading your Free Look and calendaring your upcoming court dates . Now you can more effectively prepare and file documents remotely and run your practice more efficiently.

Bankruptcy Preparation Software with Practice Management Solutions

CINcompass allows you to do more than prepare bankruptcy forms. This exceptional bankruptcy preparation software also offers practice management tools that can be used to manage client and team schedules, collaborate on projects, and assign tasks. It’s helping legal teams become more efficient and more effective.

Try it for Free

View our pricing packages to see how affordable CINcompass is, and learn how easy and convenient it is to use the software to manage your cases by taking advantage of our 14-day free trial today!