Prepare and file chapter 13 bankruptcy cases online with CINcompass, the leading cloud-based software for the modern attorney. CINcompass delivers access to all the essential bankruptcy forms, powerful due diligence integration for importing credit report data as well as ECF compliant e-filing capabilities and court notice integration.

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Prepare, File, and Manage Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Cases Online

CINcompass delivers a comprehensive solution for your chapter 13 bankruptcy clients. It provides access to a vast number of federal, local and supplemental bankruptcy forms, time-saving features to make data entry seamless as well as custom chapter 13 plans.

Then e-file with ease with CINcompass’ jurisdiction-compliant e-filing tool. Once filed, manage court communications seamlessly with the Court Notice integration that attaches communications automatically for better bankruptcy case management.

Stay connected to your clients with an integrated contact strategy allowing users to send automated text and phone calls to make sure your clients attend all the appropriate meetings, take their courses on time and are armed with all the right information.

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