Prepare and file chapter 7 bankruptcy cases online using CINcompass, the cloud-based bankruptcy software that is used by attorneys across the nation to prepare, file and manage cases seamlessly and efficiently. CINcompass is smart, intuitive, and comprehensive, providing a vast number of federal, local and supplemental bankruptcy forms, robust practice management tools and online lead intake forms to increase your firm’s workflow and help grow your business.

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Preparing and Filing Bankruptcy Cases Online

CINcompass offers more than 900 bankruptcy forms for preparing chapters 7, 9, 11, 12, and 13 cases. Plus it delivers time-saving features to make data entry seamless while increasing accuracy including auto-populated data, a more powerful due-diligence integration and diagnostic reports to identify any potential filing issues.

Now you can prepare chapter 7 bankruptcy cases online with CINcompass, then file it using the jurisdiction-compliant e-filing tool which is compatible with even the most recent ECF system. Once filed, the Court Notice integration maintains court communications so you can stay alert on all court notices and get your free looks automatically downloaded and attached to the case.

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