Your Security is Our Priority

CINgroup’s strong commitment to reliability, disaster recovery and information security ensures the use of the latest technologies and practices.

CINcompass is deployed in multiple highly secure, robust, and state of the art datacenters managed by CINgroup. Through the use of load balanced web farms, redundant document and database servers, as well as redundant fiber connections for internet and site to site connectivity- CINgroup is able to guarantee high availability by utilizing the necessary infrastructure to minimize potential failures.

Further, your CINcompass data is immediately replicated to all of our datacenters where it always online and available. Services can be delivered from any datacenter in the event of a localized issue. CINgroup uses VMware, F5, Cisco, and EMC resilient hardware to provide a reliable, scalable, and secure infrastructure. All client data resides behind multiple ICSA-certified firewalls and the organization uses the highest level of encryption with the strongest security policy in the industry. CINgroup maintains the highest level of security certification which is validated by third party quarterly security reviews and annual on-site audits by third-party PCI-qualified assessors.

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