Connecticut Clerk’s Announcement – New Creditor Listing /Creditor Upload Requirement – October 23, 2017

| Court Updates

The United States Bankruptcy Court of Connecticut is implementing a new Creditor Listing/Creditor Upload Requirement as of today, October 23rd. Please visit your Courts website for details regarding the Requirement. CINcompass already has the ability for you to meet this requirement.  When entering a creditor, you can simply add attention to the address line.

There are two ways to ensure the attention line appears on the creditor matrix:

1. Enter the Attention line when entering the address from the main liability window.

2. Click the “Address” button on the left side which will open a new entry window.

With the “Check Address” window open you can fill out the “Attention” line. Please note that the word Attention will not appear on the matrix unless it has been typed in the “Attention:” field.


Please contact Technical Support at 866.218.1003 if you have any questions or need assistance with this feature.