Client data is automatically imported and attached for better client management.

Import and access credit data instantly

Increased integration allows you to obtain, import and manage credit report data more efficiently including:

  • Access to the PDF version within the case
  • Data on prior bankruptcies, public records and aliases
  • Bankruptcy-specific creditor noticing addresses
  • Numerous data import choices and assignment options

Simplify the bankruptcy course process

Without leaving the software, directly invite clients to take credit counseling and debtor education for no additional cost to your firm and get access to:

  • Immediate delivery of the certificate in the matter
  • Automated email and text (SMS) notifications to remind clients
  • Real-time course status and communication history
  • Attorney or client payment options
  • Course handouts for client invites and certificate tracking

Eliminate manual entry with true data integration

Ensure that your financial information is accurate and imported into the appropriate fields. Data will populate the following:

  • Tax transcripts—Question number 1 in SOFA
  • Asset valuations—Assets (Schedules A and B)
  • Credit data—Liabilities (Schedules D, E, F and G)
  • All associated documents are attached to the matter
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