Streamline your workflow and reduce
data entry with MyCaseInfo®

Gather client data electronically

Invite clients to enter bankruptcy information into a secure web-based client questionnaire for a Chapter 7 or 13 case. With MyCaseInfo you will:

  • Provide an organized, electronic way for clients to share information
  • Enable clients to deliver their information online giving them ownership of the process
  • Monitor client status and preview client-entered data to ensure quality and completeness
MyCaseInfo is an affordable data-entry solution

One convenient monthly payment. Only $8 per client download. Your first download is free.

Benefits of using MyCaseInfo

  • Save time on extensive manual entry of client data.

  • Easily exchange messages with your clients through flags and email.

  • Centralize your document management by inviting clients to upload bankruptcy related documents like paystubs.

  • Reduce paperwork and securely retrieve client data online from anywhere.

  • Automatic reminders are sent to clients to remind them to complete the questionnaire.

  • Ensure reliability and security with encryption that protects your clients’ data.

Capture leads directly from your website

Integrate the questionnaire directly on your firm site. Capture leads from clients that visit your site and let them initiate the bankruptcy questionnaire 24/7. Sign up now

Now available in Spanish.

How MyCaseInfo Works