Help for Hurricane Harvey victims

| Industry News

It seems hard to believe that more than a week has passed since the initial impact of Hurricane Harvey and there are still so many areas under water with rescues still proceeding. However, in the aftermath of this truly devastating natural disaster it is encouraging to see so many relief efforts coming from across the country.

Whether it’s announced or not, all donations of time, material or funds are sorely needed and heartwarming to see. Like a church in Dayton that planned to fill up a bus with supplies and ended up with a bus and a semi-truck full of donations that were sent to Houston. Or the out-of-work mother in New Hampshire who felt compelled to help, so she engaged a local business and accumulated a semi-trailer of donated goods and materials to be sent to Houston. And many others who have joined forces to donate to those impacted by the devastation.

In the spirit of helping, we are extending software maintenance and Due Diligence billings for 60 days recognizing that the impacted customers of Best Case, CINcompass and CIN Legal Data Services may take weeks to get back to business. To determine the impact area, we are using the same ZIP Codes that are being used by the cellular carriers to offer free or discounted service to people impacted by Hurricane Harvey. We will be reaching out to the impacted firms directly but the impacted ZIP codes are also listed here.

If you have been affected by Hurricane Harvey, I hope our small gesture will help. If you are one of the many millions offering assistance to the people and businesses impacted by Hurricane Harvey, thank you!

Dave Danielson
Chief Executive Officer