There’s a big change coming to credit reports

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Starting on July 1 all three credit bureaus – TransUnion, Experian and Equifax – will dramatically reduce the amount of the civil judgments and tax liens that they report. After this date, the bureaus will only report this public records data if they can be absolutely identified with three pieces of personal data (name, address, social security or date of birth).  By the bureau’s own estimate, more than 96% of civil judgments and as much as 50% of tax liens will no longer be reported. Learn more about this change.

Of course, you know the importance of gathering these public records to get a complete financial picture of your client and until now that was something you could count on from the bureaus – but as of July 1, no longer.  You now need a way to get this information – especially if your clients provided you free credit reports in the past.  These reports are direct from the bureaus and may be missing critical information moving forward.

We can help! Public records data from LexisNexis has been a part of CIN Legal Data Service’s Preferred and Premium Bankruptcy Credit Reports, offered inside CINcompass for many years. If you are already using one of these two reports there’s no need to be concerned – we’ve got you covered!  But if you are using a Basic Report or relying on your clients to provide their credit report from a free service – you will likely be missing out on important information. Join attorneys nationwide and access a Bankruptcy Credit Report for your client – since 1998 more than 2.7 million Bankruptcy Credit Reports have been fulfilled through CIN Legal.

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We know you are very busy, so let us help you do this very important job of financial due diligence.  Not only do we provide you the critical data you need but save you precious time by automatically importing creditor data into your client’s case files.  Give us a try – I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much easier your case preparation will become.

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