March 2015 Newsletter

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Feature Spotlight

Lead Source Tracking leads to better conversions

Manage and track how clients hear about you with the new Lead Source Tools. Customize your lead sources (direct mail, web ads, radio, etc.) and collect data from “How clients heard about you” on the Online Intake Form. For each Lead Source, add your assigned cost so you can focus on spending smarter and making sure each source is converting more leads.

Open Firm Settings to manage Lead Sources.

“Matter Type and Lead Source” widget is available for tracking on your dashboard.


Stay Tuned: Next release will feature highly requested Lead Source Reports so you can effectively track the success of your marketing efforts and conversion rates.

What’s New

Powerful accounting tools to help manage Firm finances

New sections for Firm Accounting have been added so you can export lists of data, pull Reports and set default Settings.

  1. Accounting: view and track all the financial activity in your account. Export lists of vital information in your preferred format.
  2. Reporting: this section will continue to grow as more essential reports are added. For now, view a report of Matters with Trust Balances or Outstanding Receivables.
  3. Settings: new default settings allow you to manage your Bank Accounts and customize Receivable Types.



Coming Up Next: Future enhancements will be available in upcoming releases so you can manage all of your Client Accounting in one comprehensive system.



Display As Preference

Personalize how you want your clients names displayed with the new Display As Preference.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click Firm Settings.


  3. Open Preferences.
  4. Make your changes.
  5. Click Save.


Did you know?

Columns for First and Last Name have been added so you can sort by Last Name:

  1. Open Contacts or Matters.
  2. Right-click the column header.
  3. Select “Choose Columns.”
  4. Check “First Name” and “Last Name.”


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