October 2014 Newsletter

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Customize your CINcompass experience

As an attorney, you need to balance delivering top-rate service to clients, billing, generating leads and more. The new release of CINcompass helps keep this vital firm and client information front and center. The new interface delivers flexibility, customization and a new dashboard for an enhanced experience.

Plus, get new customer-requested features including the ability to copy a bankruptcy matter along with new filters and viewing options for your calendar.

Your feedback is important to us, we want to hear you suggestions email us at: support@cincompass.com.

Feature Spotlight:

Gain flexibility, personalization and the ability to view valuable data at a glance

This release delivers the power to create a unique and personalized experience for every user. The new interface allows you to select the information you want to view when you log into CINcompass.

Important Note: Restore Default Layout – To reset your interface to the default settings and erase all customization, go to User Settings and select Restore Default Layout.



The center pane of the interface utilizes widgets to deliver key information. It’s simple to create a customized experience, follow these steps.

Step 1: Click the button Select Widgets to access the dropdown.

Step 2: Check the box(es) to identify the widgets you wish to view.


Widgets deliver valuable insight into your firm via graphical or textual representations.

Choose from:

  • Did You Know? – Helpful CINcompass tips
  • My Agenda – Outlook of daily events and tasks
  • Hours Billed – Track client billing cycles
  • Recent Matters – View recently opened or created matters
  • Financials – Overview of the firm’s fiscal standing
  • Matter Status – Visually identify New, Active, and Closed matters
  • Matter Type and Lead Source – Track new leads and matters by type

Is there a widget you think should be added? Send feedback and comments to support@cincompass.com!


Step 3: Move widgets by clicking and dragging them to the desired location.


Step 4: While working in a matter you can quickly return to the Dashboard by clicking the Dashboard Tab.


Personalize your interface further by moving, resizing or hiding the following panes:

  • Time Tracking
  • Task Summary
  • Upcoming Events
  • Recent Matters
  • Recent Contacts

Step 1: Select the pane:  Click on the icon.

Step 2: Move a pane: Drag the icon to the desire location.

Step 3: Dock the pane: When you see the navigation icon you can select the placement of the pane.



Docking insert options





Entire pane:


Step 4: Resize the pane: Adjust the width and length by dragging the edges to the desired location.

Pin, Hide and Close panes:

  • To hide a pane: Click
  • To view the pane once hidden: Hover over the icon in the sidebar.
  • To pin a pane: Click to return it to the original position.
  • To close the pane: Click . Reopen a pane by launching it from the toolbar (Example: Recent Contacts: Contacts + View Recent Contacts).

Important! Changes to your layout are automatically saved.



Set Home

Set a custom Home page if you would prefer your default view to be something other than the Dashboard. For example, set the Calendar or your Recent Matters as your Home if that’s what you prefer to see each day. Call your account rep today to set a custom Home page.

To set a Home page:

  1. Open your preferred view.
  2. Under the User menu, select Set Home.
  3. You may always view the Dashboard by opening it from the User menu.

Note: you can always access the Dashboard again from User > Dashboard.

What’s New:

Save time with these customer-requested enhancements.

Copy Bankruptcy Matter

Save time and duplicate client data from an existing matter into a new matter when a client needs to refile or you’d like to compare chapters.

To copy a matter:

  1. Open the desired bankruptcy matter.
  2. Click Copy Matter.
  3. Select any additional bankruptcy information to copy.
  4. Click Copy Matter
  5. The copied matter will open.

Note: the Record Number will contain the word “Copy” indicating that it’s a copy of an existing matter. Change the Record Number as needed.

Note: You can view all matters for the client under the Matters tab of the Client Contact.

More Calendar Viewing Options

New filtering and viewing options enable users to manage personal and office calendars more efficiently. Use the check boxes to create tailored calendar views.

Now you can view:

  • One Location Calendar
  • Personal Calendar
  • Multiple Location Calendars
  • View Location(s) and Personal together

Occurrence vs. Series

If you need to make changes to an occurrence or to a series of events you are now given 3 options to choose from.

Bundle & Save with Filing Essentials

For only $50 individual ($70 joint) you will:

  • Increase efficiency by importing credit data directly into your bankruptcy software
  • Satisfy course requirements – only $8.50 each
  • Save time with automated client reminder emails
  • Track course completions with notifications
  • Access certificates from within the matter
  • Benefit from U.S. trustee-approved providers

Filing Essentials is available to order through the Due Diligence window.

NOTE: Savings percentage is based on available a la carte pricing. Stated savings is for illustration purposes only. Approved course providers will receive their full approved fees for courses rendered.

One source for all due diligence needs is great for tracking purposes.”


Submit monthly CIN Legal payments from within CINcompass

Easily connect to your CIN Legal account to pay due diligence fees.

To submit payment online:

  1. Open Firm Settings.
  2. Select Due Diligence Billing.
  3. Click the link.

You will be redirected to your CIN Legal Data Services Account.

  1. Click My CIN & Tools.
  2. Under Billing Management, click the Payments tab.
  3. To make a one-time payment, enter the required information.
  4. Click Submit.

Don’t have a CIN Legal account?

Call 1.866.218.1003 today to begin ordering and importing credit reports into CINcompass.

Did You Know?

Change column displays

In your lists of Contacts and Matters, select the information that is essential to you. A new selection feature enables you to hide the columns that are not relevant.

Note: By default, all columns will be selected to view in Contact and Matter lists.

  1. Right-click on a column header.
  2. Click Choose Columns.
  3. Select a column to show it.
  4. Deselect a column to hide it.

Note: Changes you make to your column preferences will be automatically saved.