Release Notes – April 13th, 2015

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Lead Source Reports

The information you need to effectively manage your marketing and leads is now available in easy-to-read Reports.

Report Options

  • Total Expenses: The amount spent on Lead Sources. This is based on a fixed, monthly or unit cost.
  • Lead Lifetime: The amount of days it takes to convert a client from new to active to closed.
  • Cost Per Lead: The amount that is calculated by dividing the expense by the number of leads.
  • ROI: The amount that is calculated by subtracting expense from revenue and dividing by expense. If the ROI is a positive percentage, you made more than you spent. If it’s negative, you did not get enough from that Lead Source to breakeven.



Personalize Lead Sources

As part of the enhancements to Lead Management and Tracking, there is default Lead Sources available for you to add your own costs to. Add your own custom Lead Sources in Firm Settings so you can track every aspect of your marketing budget.


Streamline Accounting with New Settings

New Settings have been added so you can simplify billing processes for you and your staff. Personalize these defaults to fit your specific workflow.

  1. Court Fee Rules: Enable this setting so that when a new Bankruptcy Matter is created, entries are already created in the Matter as Court Fee Expenses and Receivables.
  2. Due Diligence Rules: Enable this setting so that when a Due Diligence order is placed, the full price of each order will be created as an Expense and Receivable entry.
  3. Matter Rules: Set up specific rules for different types of Matters. For example, you can have flat fee Receivables automatically created for Bankruptcy Matters and hourly Receivables for Custom Matters.


Online Payments*

Sign up for a Payflow Pro account to start accepting debit and credit card payments from clients. Call 866-218-1003 to enable this feature! Then enter your Payflow Pro account information in Accounting > Settings > Online Payments.

Note: Additional payment gateway providers will be available in future releases.

*There is an additional monthly fee for Online Payments as part of Advanced Accounting. Call 866-218-1003 for pricing.

Forms Updates

Chapter 13 Plans

(CAS) Revised Chapter 13 Plan

(OHS) Revised Chapter 13 Plan – Cincinnati Division 

Local Forms

(CAC) Revised Rights and Responsibilities Agreement Between Chapter 13 Debtors and Their Attorneys

(CAS) Revised Application for Waiver of the Chapter 7 Filing Fee for Individuals Who Cannot Pay the Filing Fee In Full or In Installments

(CAS) Revised Balance of Schedules, Statements, and/or Chapter 13 Plan

(CAS) Revised Amendment

(CAS) Revised Request for Hearing on Motion for Relief From Automatic Stay And Notice Of Hearing

(CAS) Motion to Reopen Case


(All Districts) Updated B22 Median Income Census Standards

(AK, AL, AZ, CN, CO, D.C., DE, FL, GA, IA, ID, IN, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, OH, WA) Exemptions Update

Other Updates

The following issues have been reported to CINcompass Support and have been fixed as of this release. Issues can be reported to or 1.866.218.1003.

  • Delete Calendar Categories – Users can now delete Calendar Categories from Firm Settings. This will not remove any existing categories from Events, but will prevent the use of deleted Categories on future Events.

Known Issues 

We work diligently to try and fix issues reported as soon as possible. The following have been reported and are currently being worked on.

  • Bullet Points appearing as Question Marks in Templates – In certain Content Templates, bullet points are appearing as question marks. Further investigation is currently being conducted.
  • Viewing Court Notice Attachments – Based on user permissions, Standard Users cannot view documents attached to court notices. The permissions will be updated in a future release so users with Standard User permission to a matter can also view attachments to court notices.
  • Form B23 Diagnostic Warning – When preparing an initial filing, there is currently a Diagnostic Warning that displays “Attach certificate option is selected in B23 and certificate has not been attached for debtor.” This is displaying by mistake and will be updated in a future release.