Release Notes – May 18th, 2015

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Accounting – Schedule Recurring Payments

Create a Schedule of recurring Payments to easily track payment plans for your clients.

To create a Scheduled Payment plan:

  1. Open a Matter and go to Accounting.
  2. Select the Scheduled Payments tab.
  3. Click Edit Payment Plan.
  4. Enter the Payment Plan details.
  5. Click Save & Generate.

Tracking options:

  • Highlight an entry and click Post to Payments to update the status.
  • Track Scheduled Payments with the New Dashboard Widget!


Accounting – Payment Receipts

When you enter a Payment, immediately provide a receipt to your client by Email, SMS (text), or printed copy.

Schedule Calendar Events for other Users

A new option is available so you can schedule Events on other user’s Personal Calendars.
Click Remove Me as An Attendee if you do not want a copy of the Event on your Personal Calendar.

*In order to schedule Events on another user’s calendar, they must grant you that permission under User Account Settings > Profile > Calendar Permissions.


Print Calendar Event Notes

When you print a Calendar View, a column is now included with all the information in the Notes field.

Default Reminder Time for Events

Based on your feedback, the default Reminder Time for calendar Events is now None. You can change this setting for your user account by going to User > User Account Settings > Profile > Preferences.

Default Lead Source

If there is a Lead Source that you find your firm using the most, you can set that as the default option. Set this default in Settings > Firm Settings > Lead Sources.

Forms Updates

Chapter 13 Plans

(MOE) Revised Chapter 13 Plan
(RI) Revised Chapter 13 Plan

Local Forms

(ALN) DeBN Request Form
(ILN) Chapter 13 Attorney Compensation Application
(ILN) Chapter 13 Order Allowing Attorney Compensation
(ILN) Rights and Responsibilities Agreement Between Chapter 13 Debtors and their Attorneys
(ILN) Attorney’s Application for Compensation for Representing Chapter 13 Debtor
(ILN) Order Allowing Compensation for Representation of Chapter 13 Debtor
(ILN) Order Allowing Compensation for Representation of Chapter 13 Debtor (Non-CARA)

Exemptions Updates



(All Districts) Updated B22 National Standards
(All Districts) Updated B22 Local Standards
(All Districts) Updated B22 Trustee Fees

Other Updates

The following issues have been reported to CINcompass Support and have been fixed as of this release. Issues can be reported to or 1.866.218.1003.

  • Accounting Transfer not updating the Balance displayed – When a Transfer is made, the balances displayed at the bottom of the screen should reflect accurate totals.
  • Viewing Court Notice Attachments – All users should now be able to view attachments for any court notice.
  • Missing Attachments to Court Notices – Support was informed that some court notices were missing document attachments from the court. After further investigation this issue has been resolved. Please notify Support if you continue to experience problems.

Known Issues

We work diligently to try and fix issues reported as soon as possible. The following have been reported and are currently being worked on.

  • Bullet Points appearing as Question Marks in Templates – In certain Content Templates, bullet points are appearing as question marks. Further investigation is currently being conducted.
  • Form B23 Diagnostic Warning – When preparing an initial filing, there is currently a Diagnostic Warning that displays “Attach certificate option is selected in B23 and certificate has not been attached for debtor.” This is displaying by mistake and will be updated in a future release.