Release Notes – June 27, 2016

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Forms Updates

Chapter 13 Plans

(OHN) Akron Revised Chapter 13 Plan

Local Forms

(CAC) F2090-1.2 Application of Non-Resident Attorney
(CAC) F2090-1.2 Order on Application of Non-Resident Attorney to Appear in a Specific Case
(CAC) F1007-1 Debtor’s Motion to Extent Time to File Case Opening Documents (with supporting declaration)
(KS) Debtor Electronic Bankruptcy Notification
(MD) Order Granting Motion to Avoid Lien
(MN) Disclosure of Compensation for Attorney for Debtor

Other Updates

Minor anomalies that have been reported to CINcompass Support have been fixed as of this release.
Issues can be reported to or 1.866.218.1003.