Release Notes – November 1, 2016

| Release Notes

The Census Bureau Median Family Income Data for Form 122 are revised effective November 1, 2016. Users can view the new figures in the program before the effective by changing the anticipated filing date to November 1, 2016 or later in Form 122.

Visit the U.S. Trustee’s Means Testing website for more information regarding the revisions.

New Feature

Spanish Credit Report Now Available– Download a Spanish version of the Bankruptcy Credit Report PDF directly from the Order Details screen.

Forms Updates

Chapter 13 Plans 

(CO) Revised Chapter 13 Plan
(FLM) Revised Chapter 13 Plan
(NH) Revised Chapter 13 Plan
(NM) Revised Chapter 13 Plan
(SC) Revised Chapter 13 Plan
(TXN) Revised Chapter 13 Plan

Local Forms

(ILN) Rights and Responsibilities Agreement between Chapter 13 Debtors and Their Attorneys
(ND) Amendment Cover Sheet
(NH) Amendment Cover Sheet
(NH) Declaration Regarding Electronic Filing
(NH) Notice to Additional Creditors
(NH) Notice of Contingent Hearing on Motion to Avoid Lien
(NH) Verification of Creditor Mailing List
(NYN) Chapter 13 Debtor’s Certification Regarding Domestic Support Obligations
(RI) Debtor’s Motion for Waiver of Credit Counseling Briefing and /or Financial Management Course (1007-1.4)
(RI) Notice to Added Creditors of Pending Bankruptcy and Applicable Case Deadlines and Certificate of Service (1009-1.1)
(SC) Consent Allowing Payment of Funds to Creditors and Debtors Attorney
(TNE) Disclosure of Compensation of Attorney for Debtor
(UT) Declaration Regarding Tax Returns (6070-1)

Other Forms Updates

The following Trustee fee percentages, as reflected on Form 122, are new as of 10/1/2016

Jurisdiction Old New
ALM 5.22% 5.17%
ALN 7% 8.2%
NCE 6% 8%
NCM 6.5% 7%
NCW 4.83% 4.77%

Other Updates

Minor anomalies that have been reported to CINcompass Support have been fixed as of this release.
Issues can be reported to or 866.218.1003.