Release Notes – February 2nd, 2015

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Prevent Overbooking with Calendar Conflict Check

If you are utilizing the Online Intake Form, there is a setting that enables CINcompass to look at “busy time” in your office Location calendar to avoid scheduling conflicts.

To enable the setting:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select Intake Meeting Settings.
  3. Check off the box for “Check availability against Location calendar…”
  4. Repeat for other Locations as necessary.


Courthouse Address Automatically Sent to Clients

Any automated communications (Email, SMS, Autocall) that are sent to your clients for court dates will now insert the address the court provides in the docket text.

Note: Override this option if you prefer to provide a different location to your clients. Contact Support for instructions: 866-218-1003.

Draw Attention to Important Client Issues

Flagged Notes now appear on the Matter Summary page to bring attention to important items.

Forms Updates

Chapter 13 Plan Updates

  • (OKW) Chapter 13 Plan
  • (WAW) Chapter 13 Plan
  • (WY) Chapter 13 Plan
  • (ID) Chapter 13 Plan
  • (TNM) Chapter 13 Plan

Local Forms Updates

  • (MN) Signature Declaration
  • (NM) Signature Declaration
  • (VAE) Disclosure of Compensation
  • (MN) Chapter 13 Debtor’s Certification Regarding Domestic Support Obligations – Debtor & Joint
  • (UT) Verification and Request for Chapter 13 Discharge – Local Rule 2083-1
  • (WA) Rights and Responsibilities of Chapter 13 Debtors Attorneys (LBR Form 13-5)
  • (CAC) F2091-1 Substitution of Attorney
  • (CAC) F7016-1.2 Status Conference and Scheduling Order
  • (CAC) Verification of Creditor Mailing List
  • (OHN) Declaration Re: Electronic Filing

Other Forms Updates

  • Instructions for the Chapter 7 Statement of Your Current Monthly Income and Means Test Calculation
  • Revised Means Test Numbers for Alabama and North Carolina – Administrative Expense Multipliers
  • (LA) Exemptions

Other Updates 

The following are issues have been reported to CINcompass Support and have been fixed as of this release. Issues can be reported to or 1.866.218.1003.

  • List Scroll – In Supplemental and Custom forms, users can now scroll through options when adding forms to the matter.
  • Time Tracking (Billable Time) – When the Actual Time is changed in a Time Tracking entry, the Billable Time will now automatically update.
  • Print Court Notices – Administrative Users can now print court notice emails and attachments.

Known Issues 

We work diligently to try and fix issues reported as soon as possible. The following have been reported and are currently being worked on.

  • User Email Signature – Users cannot access the Email Signature tab under the User Account Settings. Workaround: Open Settings and select Manage Users. Open the user account. The Email Signature tab is available under Profile. 
  • Bullet Points appearing as Question Marks in Templates – In certain Content Templates, bullet points are appearing as question marks. Further investigation is currently being conducted. 
  • Viewing Court Notice Attachments – Based on user permissions, Standard Users cannot view documents attached to court notices. The permissions will be updated in a future release so users with Standard User permission to a matter can also view attachments to court notices. 
  • Form B23 Diagnostic Warning – When preparing an initial filing, there is currently a Diagnostic Warning that displays “Attach certificate option is selected in B23 and certificate has not been attached for debtor.” This is displaying by mistake and will be updated in a future release.