Release Notes – March 24th, 2016

| Release Notes

The Census Bureau Median Family Income Data for Form 122 are revised effective April 1st, 2016. Users can view the new figures in the program before they become effective by changing the anticipated filing date to April 1st, 2016 or later on the Income tab under Form 122.

Visit the U.S. Trustee’s Means Testing website for more information regarding the revisions.


CINcompass has released multiple recent updates, which are listed below.

Chapter 13 Plans

  • (MA) Revised Chapter 13 Plan
  • (NCW) Revised Chapter 13 Plan
  • (NJ) Revised Chapter 13 Plan
  • (OKE) Revised Chapter 13 Plan
  • (RI) Revised Chapter 13 Plan



  • Schedule A/B description field expanded allowing a longer description of the asset to display on the form.
  • Print function now available in notes created in both Contacts and Matters.
  • Matters can now be converted from Individual forms to Business forms, or Business to Individual, using the Debtor Type drop down in the Voluntary Petition.
  • A printable Client Questionnaire is now available under Custom Forms, in each matter.
  • Schedule C can now be combined into one form for both debtors in joint filings.
  • Domiciled 180 days preceding petition date will now be checked by default upon matter creation.
  • When entering Value of an asset on Schedule A/B, the Portion of Property Owned field will default to the same amount as entered in the Value field.

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