Release Notes – December 22, 2020

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Federal Forms

Revised December 2020

  • Form 2010 Notice required by 11 U.S.C. § 342(b) for individuals filing for bankruptcy

Local Forms

Revised December 2020

  • Southern District of California
    • Amendment
    • Application to Pay Filing Fee in Installments
    • Notice of Conversion of Case Under Chapter 13 to a Case under Chapter 7 by Debtor
    • Rights and Responsibilities of Chapter 13 Debtors and Their Attorney (Consumer Case)
  • Eastern district of Michigan
    • Cover Sheet for Amendments
  • Northern District of Mississippi
    • Notice to Added Creditor(s), Trustee and U.S. Trustee
  • District of New Jersey
    • Certification of Debtor(s) in support of Covid-19 Chapter 13 Plan Modification
  • Western District of Pennsylvania
    • Adoption of Small Business Debtor’s Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization [or Liquidation] for SubChapter V Small Business Cases – revised November 2020
  • District of South Carolina
    • Chapter 13 Notice of Hearing and Certification of Debtor Information Requesting Hardship Discharge

Minor anomalies that have been reported to CINcompass Support have been fixed as of this release.