Release Notes- July 6, 2017

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Forms Updates

Chapter 13 Plans
  • (Western District of Tennessee) Revised Chapter 13 Plan
  • (Northern District of Texas) Revised Chapter 13 Plan
Local Forms
  • (New Jersey) Certification in Support of Discharge

Other Updates

Office Codes

(Northern District of California) Effective July 1st, Marin County cases will be filed in office 3, San Francisco, rather than office 1 where they were previously filed.


(District of South Carolina)

  • Revised
    • Homestead Exemption renumbered from Sec. 15-41-30(A)(1) to Sec. 15-41-30(A)(1)(a).
    • IRA Exemption Sec. 15-41-30(A)(13) no longer limited to the extent reasonably necessary for the debtor’s support.
  • New
    • Surviving spouse’s interest in real or personal property used as a residence. Sec. 15-41-30(A)(1)(b)
    • Firearms (rifle, shotgun, and/or pistol (3-firearm limit)). Sec. 15-41-30(A)(15)

Minor anomalies that have been reported to CINcompass Support have been fixed as of this release.
Issues can be reported to or 866.218.1003.