Release Notes – June 9th, 2014

| Release Notes

New Features

Export feature added to the Calendar

View CINcompass events on another calendar. Easily share CINcompass calendar entries by exporting to your firm’s calendar in Outlook or Google.

NOTE: This feature uses an Internet Calendar Subscription to view your CINcompass events in any program that allows Internet calendars. Your CINcompass events will be in view only mode.

To export your calendar:

  1. Open your User Account Settings.
  2. Select Profile > Sync Settings.
  3. Click the Calendar Settings tab.
  4. Check the arrow for Yes.
  5. Select the calendar name you wish to export.
  6. Click Copy.

NOTE: You must export one calendar feed URL at a time.

To add your Feed URL to an email program (Example: Microsoft Outlook)

  1. Open Calendar.
  2. Right-click next to My Calendars.
  3. Select Add Calendar > From Internet.
  4. Paste the URL in the New Internet Calendar Subscription field.
  5. Repeat process for other calendars you wish to subscribe to.

Automatically Attach Paycheck Summary to Form B22

To seamlessly meet your trustee’s requirements, automatically have the Paycheck Summary Worksheet attached to Form B22 for filing.

To automatically attach:

  1. Open Bankruptcy Settings.
  2. Select Manage Jurisdictions.
  3. Click the Jurisdiction Settings tab.
  4. Select the District/Division.
  5. Open the Form Properties tab.
  6. Under Case Forms, select Chapter __ Statement of Current Monthly Income.
  7. Check Generate Paycheck Summary and/or Generate Other Income Summary.
  8. Click Save.

Product Enhancements

New Password Reset Options

If you forget your password, you can either reset your password to the email address on file or proceed to answering your Security Questions for immediate access.

Event Attendee Notifications

Event notification enhancements, ensures users are immediately notified when they are invited to an event and can accept with a click. In addition, if you are added as an Attendee to an Event, you will also receive a notification. Once accepted, the new event can be seen on your Personal Calendar.

Assets and Liabilities – Chapter 7

Easily assign Debtor Intent in a Chapter 7 Liability with the dropdown. This function was temporarily disabled and we apologize for any inconvenience it caused.