Release Notes – October 6th, 2014

| Release Notes

This release delivers more flexibility and customization, giving you increased visibility into various aspects of your firm. You are now able to customize the interface including the following:

New Dashboard: Provides a collection of widgets to choose from to create a custom home page.

Widgets: Gain a view into your business with widgets that contain graphical or textual representations to display trends and current status.

Panes: Common displays or lists, including Utility Panes such as Recent Matters, Recent Contacts, Time Tracking, Upcoming Events and more. Shrink or expand panes to fit your needs.

New Features

Personalize Your Interface

Quickly and easily customize your home page so you can gain valuable information at a glance.


New Layout

New Panes

  1. Time Tracking – add Time Entries on the go.
  2. Center Pane – view the Dashboard or open additional windows to work on multiple items.
  3. Task Summary – track Upcoming or Overdue Tasks.
  4. Upcoming Events – at a glance view of the Calendar.
  5. Recent Matters – easily access recently opened or created matters.


Current Layout

Current Panes

  1. Matter Stats
  2. Upcoming Events
  3. Tasks
  4. Recent Matters


The flexibility of these new features gives you endless options to personalize your account.
Pane Icons – Use the icons to view a pane or click and drag to move the pane to a different location.

Positioning and Sizing

Repositioning any pane is as simple as dragging the icon to the place you’d like it to be set. By default it will float without being docked. As you move the pane, you will see a Navigation Icon which can help you decide where you’d like it docked. Use the outside border to adjust the size of the pane.



Pin/Unpin – Put the pane in place and keep it open and visible. Hover over an icon to view the pane, then click the Pin Pane button  to pin it to place. The opposite, of this is to Auto Hide or “unpin.” Unpinning or Auto Hide will allow the pane to still be accessible via the icon on the sidebar. Hover over the icon to view the pane or re-pin it.


Close – This button  will close any open panes or widgets. You can always reopen a widget by selecting it from the Select Widgets menu. Reopen a pane by launching it from the toolbar (Example: Contacts + View Recent Contacts).

Important Notes

Saved Changes – Changes to your layout are automatically saved so the appearance of CINcompass will be exactly as you left it when you log in again. There is no need to save your layout.

Set Home – The center pane is initially occupied by the Dashboard but can be set by default to whatever you would like. Under the User Settings menu, a command to “Set Home” can be selected which will set the current center pane your default view. For example, if it’s important for you to manage the firm Events, you can set the Calendar view as your Home.

Restore Default Layout – If it is necessary to reset your custom layout to the default settings, you may accomplish that with the Restore Default Layout command, which is found under the User Settings menu. Please note: restoring the default layout will erase all customization.


Enhancements have been made to current features to improve functionality.

Copy Bankruptcy Matters – Easily copy bankruptcy matters to compare chapters, prepare another filing, or use for practice.

Calendar Improvements – New filtering and viewing options enable users to manage personal and office calendars more efficiently.

Pay your CIN Legal Bill – Currently you can pay your CINcompass bill under the Firm Settings menu. Now you can also easily connect to your CIN Legal account to pay your Due Diligence charges. This is located under Firm Settings > Due Diligence Billing.

Customize Column Displays – Right click to select which columns you wish to view in a selected list. Resize the width of columns in display lists to fit your preferences.

B22 Calculation Preferences Allow Negative Amount – A setting has been added under Bankruptcy Settings > Manage B22 in order to allow negative amounts for Chapter 7 Monthly Disposable Income.

Other Income Notes – Include additional necessary information for the Trustee in the Remarks tab when adding Other Sources of Income in Form B22.

Print Paycheck Summary and Other Sources of Income Summary – A setting has been added to Jurisdiction Settings to allow users the option of including the Paycheck Summary and Other Sources of Income Summary to print with Form B22. The reports are excluded by default.

Forms Updates

(OR Local Form) Removed Exhibit C-1

(CAN Local Form) Revised Debtor’s Certification in Support of Discharge

(LAE) Revised Chapter 13 Plan

(ARE) Revised Chapter 13 Plan

(ARW) Revised Chapter 13 Plan

(NE) Revised Chapter 13 Plan

(TXN – Lubbock) Revised Chapter 13 Plan

(CO) Chapter 13 Plan – Added Diagnostic Warning for Alimony Inconsistencies

(AL) Revised Trustee Expense Multipliers

(NC) Revised Trustee Expense Multipliers

(GU) District of Guam available to use District of Hawaii Chapter 13 Plan

Other Updates

The following issues have been reported to CINcompass Support and have been fixed as of this release. Issues can be reported to or 1.866.218.1003.

(NJ) Chapter 13 Plan – Plan was incorrectly defaulting to “No Discharge Sought.” The default setting is fixed and defaults to “Discharge Sought”.

Payment Advice Cover Sheet – Users with the Standard User permission were unable to add Payment Advice Cover Sheets to matters. Standard Users now can manage Payment Advice Cover Sheets in a matter.

Chapter 7 Statement of Intent – There was not an option available to place “None” on blank property sections. This option has been added under Bankruptcy Settings > Jurisdiction Settings > Form Properties.

(MN) Fee Disclosure – If there was a zero balance to be paid, users could not enter an “Other” source. “The Source of Compensation PAID” or “TO BE PAID” can now be modified if there is a zero balance.

Manage Intake Queue – Requests can be deleted from the Intake Queue.

Disabled Users – Disabled Users were available to invite as an Attendee to an Event. Disabled Users will no longer appear on any lists.

Templates Description Fields – Fields were too small to enter any information. User would have to logout and log back in to be able to enter information. All description fields have been fixed to the correct size.

Known Issues

We work diligently to try and fix issues reported as soon as possible. The following have been reported and are currently being worked on.

Viewing Court Notice Attachments – Based on user permissions, Standard Users cannot view documents attached to court notices. The permissions will be updated in a future release so users with Standard User permission to a matter can also view attachments to court notices.

Bullet Points appearing as Question Marks in Templates – In certain Content Templates, bullet points are appearing as question marks. Further investigation is currently being conducted.